Do you need a junk removal service?

Is it junk or is it clutter?

We’re certainly not trying to talk you out of hiring our junk removal service, but if clutter is everywhere, ask yourself, do you really need it.




  • A collection of things lying about in a disordered manner.

  • Items that don’t belong in the space, don’t have a permanent “home”, you don’t use them, they are broken, they don’t add value to your life.

  • Stuff you are storing for someone else.

  • Things that don’t fit in the space.

  • Items that prevent you from using the space for its intended purpose.

  • Objects that break the natural flow of the space. 

  • Items that bug you or are meaningless to you.

  • Stuff that take away your time from doing meaningful things (distractions).

  • Anything we don’t need, want, or use that takes our time, energy, or space and destroys our serenity. 

Junk Storage

Can Be The



  • Lack of time. Too many projects on the go, tasks or commitments.

  • Storing stuff for someone else.

  • Unbalanced lifestyle (working too many hours, traveling too much..)

  • Big life event (divorce, move, job change, new baby..) and not enough time to adjust.

  • Lack of systems to keep things organized. Not having “homes” for every item.

  • Living with others and not finding a balance.

  • Bringing too many objects home and not having the space to deal with them and store them.

What can you do about it?

Once you decide what you want and what is junk, contact a junk removal company. I suggest Consider It Done Junk Removal Services, of course.

We have been doing home cleanouts and junk removal for more years (OVER 30) than any other Junk Removal company in New Jersey!

When is is  junk  and when is it  clutter?

When is is junk and when is it clutter?