How Does This Work and What Does It Cost?

We provide the service of sending people and the trucks to your home, or to any location, where you need removal services. Our staff will carry everything out, load it onto our large vehicles and cart it away. We do have to charge for our service, however the rates and overall cost are determined by what and how much we take away. We can take away just a few items or we can clean out an entire home, including all of the furniture, appliances, household items, the contents of cabinets, closets, drawers, attics, basements, garages and yard items.

We discount every job, offer additional Senior Discounts and can take away a single item if need be.

For a Free Telephone Estimate, please call our office at your convenience during the hours noted below. Please be prepared to answer a few questions with regard to the following information:
The zip code, and/or town in which the home, apartment, office or property is located and a general idea of what will need to be removed. If you have a list of specific items, that's helpful as well, but not necessary.

Our process is this simple:
You call for an estimate. We explain your options and pricing and answer any questions you may have. You can schedule at that time or call back if you decide to schedule at a later time. Once scheduled, there is no obligation on your part to have us do the work when our crew arrives, unless you have been given a firm quote over the phone for a specific item or list of items, in which case you will already know the exact cost.

We send a large truck (or trucks for larger jobs) with enough people to do the loading. When they get there, you show the supervisor what needs to be removed and he will calculate the volume in order to determine the cost. With your permission, he will also take pictures of what needs to be removed and will upload those pictures to a cloud drive where the owner, Jennifer, can confirm volume and cost for you. With your approval on the cost, the Supervisor will ask you to give written permission for our crew to begin loading at that time.

NO UP-FRONT FEES OR DEPOSITS ARE TAKEN. Our peope load up everything you need removed. We charge only for how much we take away, not by the size of the truck that we bring. When the job is complete, and you are satisfied, you pay the Supervisor (Cash, Check, Visa, MC, Discover or PayPal). If you have a closing scheduled for the sale of your home, prior arrangements may be made to have your Attorney or Title Company send a check to us at closing.

How Can I Get an Idea of How the Pricing Works?

One example of how you can gauge the amount of stuff you have is to use a full-sized pickup truck as a 'visual measuring tool'. The bed of a full-sized pickup truck measures 8' x 5', and if you visualize loading that size bed with stuff piled up to 2'-3' high, peaked, that would be an example of one pickup truck amount/load. Based on the above, the equivalent of one load could range from between $175 & $275 (before discounts are applied).

Please keep in mind that these rates may be adjusted up or down based on the following:

  • The types of items and/or debris that you need removed.
  • How labor intensive the job is.
  • The size of the job (Lower rates apply for larger amounts).
  • The cost of recycling and disposal in your area (fees vary from county to county).

  • For these reasons, our pricing is always in accordance with the actual job, so we are able to offer the best rates possible on larger jobs in any area, smaller jobs that are scheduled on the same day as other jobs in the same area, jobs with items that can be reused, recycled or sold and jobs that are less labor intensive than others.

    **Keep in mind that although we ask you to imagine a pickup truck as a visual measuring tool, we don’t actually send pickup trucks for the removal. Depending on the size of the job, we always send trucks large enough to accommodate more than you might have originally estimated, and all of our trucks can hold up to the equivalent of ten pickup truck amounts. Again, we only charge you for how much we actually load up and cart away, NOT by the size of the truck.

    Since our trucks are among the largest available for this type of service, we are able to offer better pricing since we can haul more volume per truck load and can fit more smaller jobs in before having to offload, thereby reducing the amount of time and labor it would otherwise take to transport the same amount of stuff in the smaller, franchise-type vehicles. This is applicable for both large and small jobs because we don't transport items to each facility or bring it back to our warehouse until each truck is full, or after all jobs are completed.

    Due to the high cost of "making a trip" (labor, trucking, fuel, time, etc.) to provide an estimate, the majority of the estimating is done over the phone. This also enables us to keep the cost down, which allows for lower rates, which, along with unmatched customer service, is what we need to offer in order for you to want to choose us over other companies. Since you have the option of scheduling, but are NOT obligated to hire us if the cost is not within the estimate given over the phone, it is our job to do the best we can to provide an accurate estimate and explanation over the phone in an effort to avoid the expense of a wasted trip on our part and prevent us from wasting your time as well. Please keep in mind that our estimate can only be as good as the information we are gathering, so please be patient with our questions, and please try to answer them as accurately as possible.

    Below are examples of Hazardous Items that are priced separately:
    Some Liquids & Chemicals
    Automotive Products
    Propane Tanks
    Fire Extinguishers

    What Do We Do with the Items that We Remove for You?

    All trash and recyclable debris are transported to local landfills, transfer stations and/or recycling facilities. All other re-usable items are brought back to our warehouses where they are picked up by families and individuals in need through our Too Much Stuff (TMS) Program. For more information on our Too Much Stuff Program, please read the “Our Story” Page.

    *5% discount for Seniors, Larger Jobs & Fixed Income Customers.
    Additional Discounts Could Apply
    Price Options Available for Smaller Jobs.
    No up-front charges. Pay when job is complete, and you are satisfied.
    Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & PayPal accepted.
    With an advanced letter from your attorney, payment can be included in closing costs.

    The State of NJ requires all removal companies to be licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection. If you would like to confirm that a company is licensed by the NJDEP, simply ask the company for their NJDEP A-901 number, which must also be displayed on their vehicles. The DEP# MUST be an A-901 # and NOT a Self-Generated #. Should you wish to confirm if a company holds an A-901 license, contact the NJDEP Economic Registration Unit at 609-984-2080.