If you have any questions, would like an estimate, or are ready to schedule your service, please call us at 732-244-6600.  Same day service is available in many cases.  However, we suggest that you schedule in advance if possible.

What to Expect...

1.  After you've received a price or estimate from us over the phone and are ready to get on the schedule, just give us a call back.  We'll get the necessary information and make note of any time preference or restrictions so that we can factor them into our scheduling. Our service days are Monday through Saturday, and our service hours are 7am until all jobs are complete for the day.

2.  On the day before your scheduled pick up, we will call you between 3pm and 6pm to let you know if the truck will be arriving at 7am or if we will be giving you a 4-hour time window. 

3.  On your scheduled day, the driver will call you at least 20-30 minutes prior to their arrival time.  We often give even more notice.  It is important that someone will be at the property when our truck arrives.  Therefore, please be sure to answer your phone during your scheduled window of time so that we may confirm that you are there.

4. When our truck arrives, the supervisor will look at everything you need taken away, compare it with the list or description that you gave to us when we spoke on the phone, calculate the volume or confirm a specific list, and confirm the cost with you. Our crew will not load without your approval on the cost.

*Please note however, that we come prepared to do the job at this time and that we are not coming just to give an estimate.  Our estimating is done over the phone and as long as you can provide enough information regarding the specific items or types of items that you need removed, we should be able to give you a very good estimate over the phone.

5. When they are finished loading, the supervisor will double check with you to make sure that they have taken everything you wanted gone.

6. Once you are satisfied that the job is complete, you simply pay us the agreed upon amount.


Payment Options

  • Most jobs are C.O.D. (See below for exceptions).

  • Our preferred method of payment is cash or check with some exceptions. Checks do not need to be certified. We accept personal, business, POA and estate checks. All checks must be made payable to Consider It Done or CID.

  • We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & PayPal as well. Should you choose to pay by credit card, our supervisors will swipe the card and give it right back to you. We do not store or retain any credit card information. We can also take credit card information over the phone if you can't be there at the time of the cleanout.

  • We DO NOT require a deposit, nor do we ask for any money or payment up-front. Once the cost is determined and you are comfortable with it, you will simply be asked to initial an authorization for our crew to begin at the agreed upon price. Payment is collected after the job is complete and you are satisfied.

You may also make arrangements to have the payment included in the closing costs/statement if your home is being sold, is under contract and is scheduled to close within 4 weeks of the day we complete the job.  We will need a Letter of Protection faxed or emailed from the responsible party's attorney with the following information.

  1. Address of property

  2. The name of the party responsible for payment

  3. The scheduled date of closing

  4. A guarantee that the total cost will be included in the closing statement and a check will be mailed to us no later than the day following the closing.

The total cost will be determined at completion of the job and your signed copy of the bill will be faxed or emailed to the attorney no later than the day following the job, for inclusion in your closing costs.