Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I speak to a live person when we call you during business hours?

                A: Yes. We have a policy of always answering the phones during business hours. You will never get a busy signal and you will only get an answering machine after hours.

Q: If Jennifer isn’t available to take my call right away, will she get back to me within a reasonable amount of time?

                A: Yes, usually within less than an hour.

Q: Are you able to give me an estimate or quote over the phone?

                A: Yes. After your information is gathered by one of the receptionists, Jennifer will give you and estimate and detailed explanation of how our service works right away.

Q: Will you try to accommodate my needs, circumstances and schedule?

                A: In a nutshell, Yes.

Q: If my schedule changes, can I reschedule on short notice?

                A: Yes, as much notice as possible is helpful, but we can accommodate schedule changes on short notice.

Q: Do you have weekend hours for service?

                A: Yes. Our office is open on Saturdays and our trucks are scheduled on Saturday’s.

Q: Does the driver call ahead to us before he arrives?

                A: Yes, unless you are scheduled for the very first stop at 7:00am.

Q: Will I know how much the job is going to cost before the men commence work:

                A: Yes. If you are able to give a specific, complete and accurate list of items over the phone, you will have a guaranteed quote before scheduling. If your job consists more of an accumulation of things that can’t exactly be specified or quantified, then Jennifer will give an explanation of how the pricing works and get your cost in the ballpark based on what she can quantify over the phone. If you schedule based on that, the Supervisor will confirm the exact cost once he gets to your job and can visually confirm and calculate the volume and type of items. The crew will not begin the job without your approval on the cost. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

                A: In order to cut down on credit card fees, we prefer to be paid by check or cash, which helps keep our prices lower.  We do also accept Visa, MC & Discover. We can also arrange to be paid from the proceeds at your closing (The home must be under contract and arrangements must be made in advance).

Q: How long has Consider It Done, Inc. been in business?

A: Since 1988. January of 2018 will mark Jennifer Padula’s 30 year anniversary as the founder and sole owner and operator.

Q: What do you do with the items that are re-usable?

                A: We give to individuals and families in need as much usable stuff as we possibly can through our Too Much Stuff Program. Some items are sold at low cost in order to offset the expense of the Program.  Please read “Our Story” to learn more about the program and how it has evolved.