Consignment and/or Purchasing of Valuables

Do You Have Antiques, Valuables, Collections & Collectibles?  If you have items that would fall into this category, we offer two options:

1. We Make an Offer to Purchase them from you and take them with us.  You don't have to lift a finger to find the right buyer and we do all of the work involved in making the sales.

2. We Consign the Items for you, meaning we sell them for you for a commission.  We would sign a contract that spells out the terms (usually a 50/50 or 60/40 split, after expenses), inventory and photograph the items, take them with us and list them for sale on several different venues. Until sold, the items belong to you and no fees are involved. 

Some examples of Antiques, Valuables, Collections & Collectibles would be:
Coins, jewelry, baseball cards, memorabilia, new and in the box (NIB) items, some record albums and dvd collections, stamp collections, military and war items, any type of "collection", signage, some furniture, some china, Lenox, dolls, old musical instruments, some glass, rare items, anything that is more than 40 or 50 years old, old toys, old household items, old kitchenware, video games & players, musical instruments, old tools, novel items, etc. 

Keep in mind that large, bulky and heavy items don't typically fall into the Valuables and Collections category, unless they are antiques (100 years or older) because of the extreme care needed to maintain the integrity and condition of the items, the cost to store the items until they are sold and the expense and difficulty involved in physically handling and delivering those items.  

What's Next?

If you have items that you believe to have value, or aren't sure and need some help in determining value, the next step is to call Lisa at either of the phone numbers below.

It's possible that she may request some pictures, so if that's an option for you, it would be great if you have them ready and she will provide an email address or phone number to which you can send them.

Pictures aren't required, so if you aren't able to provide any, Lisa can get more information from you over the phone and take it from there.

In some cases, possible value can be determined over the phone, and in others, Lisa may need to schedule an appointment to come to your home to make that determination.  There is no obligation either way.

If you prefer to sell your items to us in one lump sale, Lisa will explain how we come to an offer amount, OR if you prefer to have us Consign them for you, she will explain the agreement, inventory the items and either take them with her at that time, schedule to have them picked up or you may bring them to our office.

Fees are typically 50/50 or 60/40 after expenses (listing & shipping fees).

Even though the items are in our office, you are the owner of them until they sell.  All consignor items are insured for theft, damage and fire and are storied in locked rooms in secure climate controlled buildings with video surveillance and alarm systems.

Each week, you will receive a reconciliation of what products sold, associated fees and profits, along with a check for the proceeds.

You can follow the sale of your items on the various sites that Lisa sells on (i.e. Ebay).

We have been a respected Ebay seller for over 20 years.

Either party may cancel the agreement at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

Many consignors also like to see our office and facility first hand, so stopping by at any time is always welcomed.  We want you to allow us to handle and consign your valuables with confidence.